Saturday, November 12, 2016

From top are Arielle, sold, Arabesque, available, and Artemis, possibly available.
More photos coming soon!
Our litter of 7 magnificent Neva Siberian kittens will be ready to go home in December. 5 boys and 2 girls, known of course as the Magnificent 7 are 9 weeks old today and are really showing their personalities. 
2 of the kittens will be personally delivered back to my last home state, Florida. The lovely show quality girl, Arielle, will go home to Sarasota in 2 weeks. Her new owners already have one of my beautiful babies from my pure traditional bloodline Siberian Cattery, NightMusic, in the family and have been waiting a long time for this sweet kind big girl. I am considering keeping the second girl to show but would make her available to the right home. One of the 2 seal point boys will also go to a home in the West Palm area and join a big silver boy that was purchased from NightMusic 4 years ago. There is also a top show quality boy in this litter available at this time only to a show home.
New photos to post soon. Parties interested in available kittens can contact me through my current traditional cattery website,

Other news around the ranch, my new horse, an 18 year old spotted saddle horse that stands 16.2 and weighs around 1300 pounds is settling in nicely to life in Phoenix. It is such a joy to wake up in the morning and have this big guy greet me. He is learning a few new things, mostly to undo some habits he learned from his last owner, such as trotting off before I am in the saddle and nosing around my back pockets for treats. I am looking forward to meeting some new friends and doing some trail riding this winter. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fabulous world champion bloodline, blue eyed Siberian kittens were born in Phoenix, AZ

It is great to be home and even more exciting to start a new blog about our fabuous Siberian Neva Cats! After four years in southwest Florida, we are back in Phoenix, Arizona. Of course our dog and all of our Siberian Cats and a few tag along rescues also travelled 2300 miles back to the southwest desert. They are thriving and happy, and could hardly wait to have a beautiful litter of 7 blued eyed fabulous Neva variety Siberian Cats, our specialty at Snow Symphony Siberians of Arizona. Read on for more information on these fantastic babies.
What do we miss after leaving Florida? The great seafood and lovely beaches. What don't we miss? Torrential rain, flooded roads, stifling humidity and the terrible fleas. It is well known that fleas don't like desert dry conditions, they thrive in humid wet areas like parts of Florida. So glad to leave those behind along with the continual poisoning of the ground, the house and the cats with flea preventative that never seemed to do what it was supposed to.

So what is new and noteworthy now that we are happily back home?
Late on the evening of September 8th our lovely girl, Yoso Sibirushka Krasa, an imported Seal Tabby Point girl who came all the way from Kiev, Ukraine, delivered her litter of 7 large, healthy babies, 5 boys and 2 girls. Yoso is daughter of World Champion Jurai Danvel and Grand International Champion Safari Ars Longa. The kittens father, Dionis Fantasy Life was only 7 months at the time of mating and we were amazed when this many kittens were born. He is now 11 months old and already weighs 15 pounds. He is going to mature out to be a big gorgeous boy. He will go back to the show ring in December. He arrived from Moscow already a kitten champion there with Best in Show awards. His grandfather is World Champion De Aramis Sineglaziy Angel. These kittens have an incredible pedigree with looks and personality to match! We are so pleased!